The 2012 Outside Magazine Travel Awards – Best New Hotel

Photographer: Peter Lundstrom/WDO/Treehotel

Best New Hotel – Treehotel, Sweden

From Outside magazine, April 2012. Posted online, March 13, 2012. By: Stephanie Pearson and Kate Siber

A lot of great hotels have opened in the past couple of years, but we have a thing for treehouses. The Treehotel’s five surreal “rooms” sit as high as 18 feet off the ground in a 100-year-old pine forest with views of the Lule River near the village of Harads (pop. 600), roughly 600 miles north of Stockholm. Choose from a flying saucer, a mirrored cube, a bird’s nest with a retractable staircase, the Blue Cone (which is actually red), and a futuristic “cabin” with a rooftop deck that looks as if it’s floating in the canopy. Then there’s the Tree Sauna, a traditional wood-fired Swedish steam room with a hot tub out the door. Guests eat in the 1950s-era Britta’s Pensionat, a five-minute walk away, or order “tree service.” Doubles from $590 per night.

Quote from Treehotel website: Undisturbed nature is an increasingly rare and valuable asset. That´s why Britta and Kent Lindvall chose to build their concept hotel in one of the most beautiful parts of Northern Sweden, surrounded by natural forests, where it is possible to experience the calm, the simplicity and the unspoilt beauty in harmony with the surroundings.”
– Maurizio Vitta, l’ARCA


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